Leaders are Readers – A Poem Written by Khesise Lungma

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Leaders are Readers

Written by Khesise Lungma


Life is not just getting ready
To move forward with steady,
We are not born for preparation
But to live a life with aspiration.

Leaders are not those who get-
tones of certificates for getting fames.
They are real turner of will and mill
For the benefits of all human peace.

Leaders aspires to grow equally
And to shed light of cream globally.
Many leaders are not fully qualified
Yet they posses the wisdom to satisfy.

Leaders are real great readers
Sacrificing own time for benefits of other,
They get elated and glorify with others achievement,
They are genius, borne to uplifts humanity.

Leaders are not cheaters of wrong views
They serve others with kindness and love,
Because they know, others happiness is his aim,
They don’t fear for what goes wrong with criticism.

They are not selfish to get famous
As they are ready men to kick all bastards ,
Leaders are not born to shine
But they are shrines of the universe.


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