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I heard
Her last words were simple to understand, maybe because she spread them in her diary
She didn’t speak them
She wrote ‘I have had enough, I have tried my best’
As simple as that

The last time we met she laid her salty lips on my cheek
Then whispered ’til we meet again’
Then ran away
I didn’t understand what she was trying to say

I still ask myself till today
Why I never followed her home to be with her the whole night
To understand what she whispered into my ears

I heard
His last words failed to beat the pain
They all drowned during his last heavy gasp for air
A fight to be still alive
I regret the moment I hesitated to go there
Maybe I could have moved my ears some inches closer to his vocal chords
To hear his last words

Every year in August
I take my notepad and pencil
Forcing myself to sketch what I believe were their last words
Before their souls went to meet their creator
But till today my hands have not yet crafted their last words

Meek Yapoma

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