Kiss – a poem written by Gita Mohanty


Dr. Gita Mohanty
A feeling
Touched or even untouched
An attempt or an attention
To the ambience or to the emotion
In the action of affection
Or in the inaction of passion
Some short of connected or unconnected fine subtle connection
Beyond the defined jurisdictions
Something deep inside which percolates
Trickles down slowly automatically being dense and intense
Without help of any of the senses
Yes those are the soul drenching kisses
With potential to sustain the emotional collapses
Physical, metaphysical or ethereal
Have their own nostalgic privileges
Opening the envelope of the womb
When the new born gets delivered
To the first embrace of mother,
Out of the world that connection
Unforgettable is that kiss at the first motherhood’s realization
Slowly when eyes get closed and head gets tilted
Please don’t assume farther, what yet I haven’t said
And I’m talking about the rain, as the other head
Pouring out the unstoppable kisses
On the closed eyelashes
Sun kisses earth’s cheek
And moon kisses night’s lips
Beach baths with kisses of ocean
Springs are kissed by mountains
The greenery kissed by the photons
And loving thoughts get kissed by emotions
And some kisses are better to be there in ethereal suspension.
[email protected] Gita Mohanty


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