Just a strike to show up !!! – A Poem Written by Afrose Saad

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May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and bird


Oh what a sweet darling you’re
You can fly so high
You can sing anytime
You can go anywhere
As a magic imagination so lovely
Look at me on this earth
Can’t do anything fear in mind
Can’t laugh open heart
Make me thy friend
We can beat the challenge
We can make our dreamy earth
We’re not bound to cry
Let me tell you one thing
Friendship such a bridge
Respect-trust- supporting efforts
To each other should be nourished heartfully
Ok dear I want to be thy friend
Soulful promise never depart
From the core of nature’s heart
Let me show up in thy earth
Just a strike is enough
To nourish thy freedom verse
To show up the hidden attire
The beauty of thy dreamy life
(C) Afrose Saad
Image: Credit to the Owner

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