IN GOLDEN MEMORY OF VIRGINIA WOOLF – A Poem Written by Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar

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(25 January1882 – 28 March1941)

Written by Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar


It’s so sad!
She was extremist in her approach towards life.
The coming generations will remember her
They will not forget her great works of literature
Her great service to humanity
She has done sacrifice to her love
She was extremist in love
She has had influenced a huge populus of intellectuals of her age
Her masterpiece has been casting great impressions on new generations
This will continue till there are humans on the Earth
The work of love is a joy for ever
Human beings die but their works of love keep alive in our memory
Homer is no more but his work even today moves us deeply
We cannot cut off from our roots, from our Classics
Virgininia Woolf is no more but her love, her sacrifice, her works are rampant
Mankind is mortal but the art of words is immortal
The magic of words are not withering
Yes, artists are extremist
They want to creat something crazy
Yes, Leonardo Da Vinci was crazy because he wanted Mona Lisa kept smiling
Think, who can smile for centuries
Virgininia Woolf was also crazy!
Think, who commits suicide for other’s freedom
She wanted to set free her husband from her extremism
She commited suicide
After two times failures
by drowning herself in the river Ouse
She commited finally suicide
So incredible, so sad !
How can anyone rejoice and glad
By the act of suicide, very bad
I am so sad!

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