Imitation Of Life – A Poem Written by Aasma Tahir

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Imitation Of Life

Written by Aasma Tahir


Stop playing games with life
It will end in immortality
Your existence is abstract.
Life is the imitation of reality, it’s not real
It is only precious in the time of war
You are bound to create different angles
But this world is stagnant
You can’t fly so high
Your wings will be melted like that of Icarus
with the burning heat of sun
Let’s live the life afresh
You are not saint my dear
Only the stars can resolve the riddles of cosmos
Soul and body are two separate worlds
How the flight of another sky will hold you tight?
The fate is conspiring against you
You are enslaved in the clutches of your bones
Oh! Mercy, where are you?
Don’t you belong to me?
Let’s weep with me,
My heart is melting…


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