by C. Akui

“I Will Find My Way Again!”

At crossroads, I stand alone in a desert of uncertainty
Enduring sandstorms, that obscure my destiny
In vast wilderness of loneliness
Building up, are dunes of fearful feelings of nothingness

A loner, in the rising dust of confusion
I have to make this journey on my own
I need to pause, listen to my intuition
For clarity, to tame the raging fear of the unknown

When I needed someone
It’s a shame, no one came
I had to figure it out, on my own
I had to find the strength, from within

The tread marks say, I will make it across
The footprints tell me, the storm will pass
The dust will settle, and I will carry on
I have made it this far, I am strong!

I got lost in my mistakes, but I found myself
In the whirlwind, in the turmoil, I learnt to find peace within myself
I learnt to forgive myself
Be kind to myself

After all, I’m only human
I’m allowed mistakes, I’m human
And when all is said and done
I will find my way again!

©️ C Akui 2020/07/7


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