I have seen it all – Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla

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I have seen it all!
@ Shabbirhusein K Jamnagerwalla
Initially the menace is not seen at all,
Then a small lump would be felt,
A little pain in the upper arm,
A little heaviness in the breast,
And she rushes to the Hospital,
Alas! The menace would be named,
As the Breast Cancer.

Its now that her life,
Becomes turbulent,
Tests over more tests,
Trials and mistrials,
Radiative tests,
And chemotherapy,
All these makes her cells dead,
The badly affective ones,
And the clear ones too,
She loses her mind,
And she has a nervous breakdown,
Her mind does not function,
And she loses,
Her sense of direction,
Her sense of taste,
Becomes erratic,
Harsh and terrified.

I have these motions,
And the accompanying emotions,
As I have witnessed it all,
Upon my family,
My sister first,
And next my wife, too
I have seen it all.
Yet the Chemos do not cure her,
Only it prolongs her life,
And during this period,
She is tortured more,
And her family suffers too.
She feels the pain,
And the agony of it all,
She comes to know,
that there is no cure,
She awaits now,
For her last days,
The house has become,
a dark prison,
She does not have any energy left in her body,
Acute pains envelope her,
And she just awaits,
For the call from the heavens.

I know it is traumatic,
For all the family,
The tiredness and the fatigue,
Is vivid now,
Yet Aah!
Death would be slow,
To knock off her life!
Yes, I have seen it all!

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  1. Rashida Burhani says

    Too good poem
    I listen & listen
    My blessings always


    Congratulations…….excellent poem, well deserve to enter in BHARAT VISION
    Keep it on GOD bless you

  3. Shabbirhusein Jamnagerwalla says

    Your motivation keeps me going!
    Many thanks

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