I Feel Victory

by Bahariya Hassan

I Feel Victory

I’m unstoppable and unbreakable
I was thrown with stones and left with scars,
I was hobbled but I never gave up
I kept crawling with all my effort without backing off
With patience and dedication I sealed my broken pieces.

When I was pushed to the wall
And obstacles blocked my way
I stood on my feet and flew straight to my dreams.

When the heavy wind struck from a different direction
Dark clouds surrounded me
Thunder of laughter and mocking struck me
I held on steadily
Kept moving without desisting.

When I was lost in a gloomy desert
Far away from vision
Without despair, I stayed firm and focused
Until light beamed on my path.

When I sunk into a deep ocean
On my way to motion
With courage and commitment
I sailed the boat of my goals
And landed in the harbour of success.

©Bahariya Hassan

Image © Unknown

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