Heavy, like the universe.

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I saw a boy

at the edge of a road

wore a suit

made of earth

and two shoes

of dust,

he was hungry

he was cold

and he was alone in the world

from his eyes

swollen and red

a tear came out,

then I picked up that

drop and I wanted to weigh it

but it was impossible

because it was heavy

as much as the whole universe.

I spun around

the boy was gone

kidnapped in flight

from the first breath of wind

so I was alone

and I started to cry

and every tear

falling to the ground

it made a deafening noise

that made my eardrums burst

causing on earth

huge chasms

and it was there,

just in that instant,

that I understood for the first time

how much a tear weighs

poured into this land,

it’s just a drop

but it is heavy

as much as the whole universe.


@ Emanuele Cilenti


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