Greeting Each Day with Love – A Poem Written by Annie Johnson

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I hear your deep voice, humming praise
To greet the morning light streaming
Through the windows of my heart.
Oh, timeless joy to see your face
Outlined in the new day dawning.
Lift your eyes like the rising sun and smile at me
Loving you with my soul aflame –
Fresh from the dew of your essence
Filling the deep wells of my devotion
And languishing on the banks of your land mass.
The night flew too quickly away, dancing
On the fingertips of exploration;
On the sighs of ecstasy and dregs of exhaustion.
In this brightness, we have day-songs to sing,
Harmonizing with love’s sweetness.
We know the hands of passing caresses;
The pause from work that leads to kissing lips
And words that caress like the breath of night
Or the morning mist kissing the garden.
The days and nights of our love shall rise and fall
Within the timeless breast of our forever afters.
Annie Johnson© All rights reserved.

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