Football of a Woman’s Head – A Poem Written by Muhammad Shanazar

Football of a Woman’s Head

Written by Muhammad Shanazar

on the brutal murder of Noor Mukadam


A lusty lover,
How daringly kidnapped you,
And then released a dog of lust,
You once got a little escape,
And cried at the top of your voice,
But none came to rescue you
Out of the wolfish-teeth,
Neither from the vicinity around
Nor the police, all were either helpless
Or had some chores more important to do.

The rulers have brought up them,
For their own safety, they care least
Whether the masses are before the lusty dogs
Or the fierce wolves.

Your cries reached no one’s ears,
They vanished in the vacuum,
Though you fled a little
But the bloody inhuman claws,
Caught you back.

Then you know better
What the pang you went through was,
I only can imagine what happened to you,
As the remains of your body showed,
You were stabbed time and again,
The brute ripped your belly,
And lacerated through your ribs,
And then as they say, you were beheaded,
The rascal played football with your head,
It was not your head
But the human conscience dead.
Now they promise to provide you justice,
On your doom,
But I ponder how and to whom.

Let me weep on your undeserved demise,
I ask them all who are helpless like me,
To shed tears and join with me too,
I don’t ask those who are in power,
Let them chatter about the good governance,
And let the massagers chant panegyrics
In praise of the king,
They are deaf and dumb to the cries,
They don’t bother whether one lives or dies,
On each day and each night,
Women are raped and murdered,
There are no laws and no rules,
Girls are picked up to be raped,
From the roads, streets and schools.


All Rights Reserved

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Written by Ewelina Maria BugajskaJavorka

Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka was born in Poland, and now lives permanently in Denmark. She attended high school of economics and university of philosophy. She is the author of four poetry books. She has published her first book at the age of 17. Her poems can be found in many international anthologies. She is a laureate of many international awards and national literary competitions and recitation competitions in her homeland in Poland. She is a member of the NWNU - Union of Writers of the World. She is the International Goodwill Ambassador for Minorities at The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities - FAAVM Canada and International Ambassador of The Brahmand Evolution Council, the Universal Mission for Peace, Justice and Humanity. Ambassador of Literature granted by Motivational Strips.
Editor Bharat Vision and Chief Administrator Motivational Strips - Scandinavian countries.
Correspondent and the head of the Poetry Department in Designer journal, Sweden.


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