Fill Up Your Life With Lightning – A Poem Written by Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén

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Fill Up Your Life With Lightning

Written by Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén


It’s hard
be angel
of a poet:
in his lavish love
the tranquility
of God and his hope.
When he loves
he goes up
to the mane
of the wind
and it infects us
this love
what smells
as red wine
of words.
Its power
of moral outrage
it is humus
that vitalizes
the earth
when is raining.
His silence
is like thunders,
their screams
same-like lullaby
in the fountain.
Their determinations
sometimes stain
of the passion
and suffering.
But redemption
is not enough
for the Angels
just like bells
they conjure
the birds,
the poet
loves it
with his verb
in the depths.
like indian wolf
or golden jackal,
howling dog
or steppe fox,
tender frolic
in their domains
I fill up
when you are watching.
And although my wisdom
the secrets
Give all your heart
or flesh
to his will,
and I am a creature
far below
of God
in dignity,
Enough for me
be the angel
of a poet
to drink
with its lightning


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