Exhilaration Again – an essay by Melissa Begley

The joy of the Holiday Season is a ploy to express happiness for many.
Faraway, in a Heavenly Land filled with lush flowers of every color, tranquility, candlelit rooms, crystalline waters, and pure love is the Spiritual Home of your loved ones. There is a grandiose beauty and undisturbed calm that is not recognized by humankind.
Anguish, sadness, frustration, confusion, a sense of helplessness, and anger are a few of the many emotions in the hearts of the beloved ones left behind.
Many tears are shed during the Month of December as Christmas Carols are sung and the devotion to commercialization is an entrapment of such petulant and irresponsible financial behaviors.
A celebratory season, many create that is ephemeral and anachronism without compassion to the poor and homeless ones. Perhaps, their only friend is the darkness of the night that hides them from your snug condemnations.
Your dearest one that have passed away have no more pain and are without suffering, but the question remains; when will they be visible again?
You have vanished from their touch, embraces, and gentle loving kisses; listen to the wind chimes and the sweet melodies, perchance you will be delivered much exhilaration once again.
December 18, 2019 (Ms. P.)
All Rights Reserved by Melissa Begley


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