Eternal love – Corina Junghiatu

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Boundless and mystical circle, eternal sphere,
hypnotic cycle of electrical thunder
which enclosing us in a carousel
without space and time,
freeing the soul from its burden,
of inner waste foam.

Untie the knot of existence,
by loving and love yourself,
to find out what and who you are,
real, magnificent, unlimited,
you in all the fullness of Being, true, powerful.

Unearth the hidden secret
in the etymology of the word LOVE,
to be what you create by becoming, what you love.

@Corina Junghiatu

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  1. Bharath Vision says


    1. Corina Junghiatu says

      Endless gratitude, Bharath!

  2. Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar says

    Eternal Love by Corina Junghiatu is a really really good prom. I have read it many times with intensive attention and found that this is a power house of meaning. In very economical use of words she has expressed what is the human love. Why human beings have been created for — we are not angels. We are just human being who wants to love and in return lived by the companion fellow who is also drown in her love. God has put the supreme charm in this function especially this emotion is meant for only human beings. Even the angels have not been bestowed with such a feeling of immoral ecstatic love.
    There are lots of thing to say here but due to shortage of time, I would like to conclude herewith once again thanks and many congratulations to Corina Junghiatu. God bless you!

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