ELF – A Shorty Story by Kairat Duissenov Parman

In the year 1976, in September.  At that time, in order to collect fruits, like apples and grapes from those belonging to the department of the entire garden, superiors were connected to workers and to kids who could help.  Since the husband Arkabay was the security of the big garden, his wife, Shyryn with his sons, Sheraly, Yearly and daughter Zarina, remained in the garden after work.  This was Shyryn’s plan for the children to be by his side until dinner time with him, the father who had hardly been with them all summer.  And you might wonder how delicious was the food cooked in the field!   Every movement, every news from the city of Sheraly was an example, a model for Veraly who was four years younger than him.  When his brother was at school, he painted it ever so well.  And the younger Yeraly really liked it, he asked his elder brother for a pencil and began to scribble something of his own on the cover of his same old notebook.  When the elder brother started to write short stories, inspite of Yeraly studying in primary school, he started his own diary.  When the elder brother started to write poetry, he also composed something such as a poem, and secretly, from all his family, sent letters, in envelopes to the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, allegedly putting his work there.  The elder brother told him that he “composed the song” and that in order to perform in the cities, he specifically brought an old guitar covered with stickers.  A few years’ ago, his elder brother taught him to play the mandolin.  In short, as it were, Yearly did not try to copy his elder brother Sheraly, not, did he succeed, cause, he still has not composed a song to his level.  Further, he did not engage in freestyle wrestling, like Sheraly, so when he started playing, fighting with himself, he could not overcome his elder brother, taking into account the methods and tactics if the struggle.  Also his friends who played with him, much older than Yearly and taller and larger.  How could he won against them when they were much above his age.


Arkabay, last days were approaching.  Not only when he was sober, he started to communicate less, and spoke as before, even when he was overboard, and this act, by the nature of her talkative husband, did not like Shyryn at all, as her soul was longing, she kept quiet.  She asked herself, “what is this?’ What kind of relationship?”, which gave no offense. No Due to this reason, today she did not return home together with her fellow villagers and decided to stay near her husband.


Arkabay with the children, cooked delicious food and sat before his eyes to somehow raise his mood.  “Kyzyltu” – the abode of moonshine and wine that is prepared by hands.  At that moment, was the end of the wine-making season, prepared in tons last year and the season for the preparation of new wine and moonshine.  Shyryn knew very well that the children did not like at all when Arkabay drank. Knowing that she, she bought a two-litre can and took it over for her husband.   Arkabay also knows that his wife Shyryn did not like alcohol.  This time Arkabay needed a drinking partner or his wife to cheer up a tasty wine with him on.  He chose one of the faceted glasses and poured wine to the brim and carefully placed it in front of Shyryn.  Arkabay did not turn the faceted glass to drink, until the last smooth as before, but to swallow slowly.  This time he had no appetite for food.  After dinner, he had barely finished his glass of wine.  Shyryn was of course surprised by him, but she took  it in a good way that her husband did not want to spoil the children’s mood, who were sitting merrily with smiled on their faces. She went towards the kitchen and started to wash the dishes with warm water from a cauldron.  Arkabay hung himself with a double-barrelled weapon and went into the dense garden   It looked like he wanted to say something in unity with his father.  After sometime Sheraly got up and went after his father.  Not even a minute later, Sheraly began to shout loudly, , calling mother: “Mother, let’s go faster!”. Shyryn left her dishes, and stumbling quite often ran to the garden, and after a while:


Oh my god, Zarina, run quickly and grab a knife”

-When she screamed, even loud, listening to her bitter cry that went on, one could guess that something bad had happened.  And Zarina was in shock when she ran to them grabbing a knife.


“Father! Father!  Ahhhh” – Her deplorable so was heard as an echo.  Early did not understand exactly what happened from under his feet, and was left alone near the kitchen utensils, bewildered.  He wanted to run after them to see what was happening, but he was held by one secret power and seemed to freeze in place. This was probably due to the fact that he feared as a child.  After some time, from the thick apple trees, he saw the head of his father dangling below his chest, later the mother who raised her father from the chest hugging her husband, then Sheraly’s brother, then later the older sister Zarina who held her father’s leg.  And Veraly did not move.  A small thin flowed from the garden towards the vineyard, and on the east side of the thin, an oak grew with thick leaves, and underneath it, there was a flat place where they all had dinner.  Shyryn, with her son and daughter laid down the father who was unconscious.


“Son, it’s good that we didn’t cut the lasso, but untied it from his neck.  Usually, someone who suffers from trying to hang onself, the lasso should not be cut but the body should be raised higher, expand and then take it off over his head.  We carefully studied this matter.  Sheraly, you are already an adult”, Shyryn’s voice trembled, friend silently and wiped her tears with the palms if both hands.  “You stay by your father and watch over his garden, we will go first to the house, I will explain this situatio to Uncle Nyshan and Bekbilat, and I’ll ask if it is possible to bring the donkey with the wagon.  Your father is unconscious, he cannot walk in his condition”, she said.


In those days, it was very difficult to find a mullah or someone who could deal with the treatment of such a trauma.  Godless society if they knew the actions of Arkabay, despite his resistance, tying is hands and feet, and without allowing him to justify himself, they could put him straight in a mental hospital.  It would not be easy for Shyryn to raise the children.  Moreover, how could she not regret putting her legally married husband overther whilst he is still alive. For the family, the most important thing in happiness is the owner of the hearth is close.  Is it not?  The small village “Kyzyltu” headed by an old man, Azimbay, also had the same wishes for the family to be preserved, for the landlord to recover quickly from mental derangement, and to go back to his normal life.


According to the practice of the old man Azimbay, who is almost 80 years, there was a case of someone committing suicide.  If any complications, the person was not in peace, and he surely found a way out or a good moment to disappear from people on day or night duty, and forcefully ended up his life.  Locals were aware that Arkabay moved from a neighbouring area some three years’ back.  Usually, the apparel chief clandestinely questioned and tried to find out in details the good reason and everything else about the new settler.  Once when the boss told the village foreman that “Arkabay had been evicted because he was protesting against the government’s policy, and were obliged to question about it first,” the cunning old man accidentally overheard it.  After this conversation, the foreman followed him.  He was not even allowed to breathe calmly, reproaching him for every little thing and he was pulled by the soul as much as possible.  But, if Arkabay offended the foreman, and to end himself, he would then have done so without suffering from bullying already last year, when he guarded the garden, the thieves beat the crowd and broke his rib , got an injury on the head for not wanting to obey , cause he did not allow them to steal.  And among them the foreman.  He gave  local police located in the centre of the state farm, bribe, humiliating himself, imploring before he, Arkabay received forgiveness.  She Azimbay heard about this incident, he remembered the dirty tricks of the team leader over Arkabay and thought that one good reason could be this.  However if Satan seduced a person, then Satan could not have rest until he obtained his, even if he lived in a toy palace.  After all, Arkabay had been guarding the garden for several years, breaking away from society. Maybe when he was on terms with himself in the garden, some vision is expected for him, eh!  Azimbay knew one thing when a person stayed United for a long time, jimmies turned into a beautiful woman, and sang an unusual song, danced to upset, conjured and had a passion for him.  And after the appearance of a strong desire and compassion for them, they gave him a rope and seduced him to hand himself, and promised to succumb completely to his desire only after committing suicide.  If Arkabay was ill, then this treatment method support that Azimbay, would it have helped.  But he did not say a word to anyone about what he thought.  He expressed his whole opinion about the use of folk treatment when he began to consult with the old man if the village and ended his conversation thus:

“Let’s take Arkabay according to the folk medical method, the king God will help us cure him based on our sincere actions.”


In a small village that consists of only two streets, it was very difficult for the kids to catch a big black cat.  If the cat was a domestic one who squealed to people, there would be a different conversation.  It was very difficult to catch up a cat that turned into a wild one wandering the trash at the end of the village and catching mice for a living in a small forest, which was called a grove, where a large salty irrigation flowing could not be called a river, and flowing from the east side down.  The team was organized based on the idea of Veraly, Yedzgan scaring a black cat altogether barely drive into the barn Nygmet.  As they approached her, she raised her back, tense, looking directly with sharp eyes at the children and meowing began to make theme obsolete.  In such situation, the children did not dare attack her and at some point confused.  The black cat took advantage of the situation, quickly wound up out of the beggar, and did not allow herself to be caught.  She ran away wagging her tail.  So it was not for nothing that the children chose the Nygmet barn.  There if you close the door tightly, then consider a black cat caught.


“Yeraly, let’s go inside the bar you and me only”, Yedzgan said.  “Zharkyn, Nurali, when we go I carefully watch that black cat does not run out and quickly close the door.


“Yedzgan you do not forget, later, check again, he w come in handy in the barn”.


Hearing the words of Yeraly to Yerzgan”Be careful; see that our barn us not burnt!” said Nygmet, in a whiny voice


“Don’t worry about this, I won’t throw the lighter until the places go off even if I burnt my finger.  And as I begin to light the match of Yeraly, he will immediately see a cat and will be easily caught.


Under the agreement, Nygmet and Nurali released Yeraly and Yerzgan into the bar, and I’m ediately closed the door tightly without giving a chance to run out to the black cat and remained in the yard.  After a while, a strong meowing cat was heard and immediately gave in and was detained. Yeraly was all baked, his chest sometimes scratched by the claws if a cat.  He tied the black cat as if it was put in a bag.


When Yeraly cane, home with the black cat, in their small house was full of local people.  Old man Azimbay:

“Tie the rope into the ledge if the ceiling of the toilet, after a prayer, bring forth the black cat”

He continued the conversation in an orderly manner.  “So we Arkabay too, lead.  Follow all exactly the same as I explained to you earlier on.  From the manner to hang the black cat unt he dies, Arkabay should see with his own eyes, not blinking his eyes from start to end.  And then throw the dead body if the cat into the big River that flows through the neighbouring village.”. He was not lazy to repeat so that in no way would his assistants forget something.


Arkabay layed for several days without getting out of bed.  His neck, where he was tightened by the rope was all rec and swollen.  After treatment with traditional medical methods, the tumor vanished for a while, and the sickness was cured, which almost sent his soul to hell. Yeraly did not know that day that he would remember this.  And he did not know that asickness called “suicide” would appear, and he would have to investigate the cause of it and use the same story as an example for his article, and for treating people they would offer the practice of Azimbay who. Hung a black cat and showed the patient his eyes as he killed him in accordance with his own actions.  And Early was sure that when a sick patient saw through his own eyes how a black cat that has been hung died before his own eyes, the patient will have enormous strength for the rest of his life so that he never dates try to commit suicide again.

If people day this, then wise old people speak without errors.


Within people who have survived from ancient times, different methods are still used for different sickness, and good results are the outcome.


And these trucks often surprise Yerals to this day.


Author and translated by Kairat Duissenov Parman

Edited by Maggie Vijay Kumar (Magie-Faure-Vidot)

All rights reserved




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Written by Luzviminda Gabato Rivera

Luzviminda Gabato Rivera is an award winning and best-selling author from the Philippines. She is a researcher with multiple awards, excellent international research journal reviewer, external panel member of thesis and dissertation committees,  presenter of  researches in various national and international conferences and has published researches in journal and online proceedings.

She is also a world inspirational poet and she was recently honored by Sahitya Akademi, Gujarat - India for her efforts to empower literature globally.

In addition, she is also a multi-awarded nurse by profession at Department of Education – Tarlac Province, Philippines, a fluent speaker of six languages and member of City of Angeles Toastmasters Club (CATMC).

She is also a licensed teacher and teaches research and nursing subjects on a part-time basis in Tarlac State University, Philippines and finished her post graduates courses with academic distinction and academic excellence award like the Doctor of Public Administration (her 6th degree) and  took up units leading to a Bachelor of Law.


As an excellent international research journal reviewer, she is an editorial board member of the following journals: Trends in Food Science and Technology (an official journal of the European Federation and Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) and the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFST.) ,United Kingdom’s EC Nursing and Healthcare,  India’s Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science wherein she was awarded an excellent reviewer from 2017 when she started and up to present and also maintains her standing as the top reviewer of the latter. She was also requested to join the editorial board of the Food and Nutrition Science Journal based in Kansas, London Journal Press of London and Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia based in India . Furthermore, she is an external panel member in thesis and dissertation committee of Tarlac State University where she takes pride to share what she has learned in her journey as a researcher


Her poems were being published by Spillwords Press based in New York, Indian Periodical and Bharath Vision Web Magazines based in India, The Jasmins and Love Collars- First Poetry Encylopedia in Tunisia, Africa,  Poetic Galaxy Atunis Magazine based in Belgium, USA , Our Poetry Archive (OPA) based in Romania, AZAHAR Magazine based in Spain and other International E-Zines and magazines.


Her books were: A Gift I and A  Gift II -Rank 1 Best Seller in Amazon with her 71 poems and translation of her poem, A Gift – 5 series into 23 local and international languages and she published Crossroads: A Poet’s Life Journey - Rank 1 Best Sellers in Amazon (An Anthology Project of Motivational Strips - The World's Most Active Forum composed of 83 World’s Best Poets.  Currently, she is writing three books, A Memoir of Love, Poets Unify World and A Gift III to be released on August, September and October, 2020 respectively. She is also one of the contributors to the best-selling anthologies of  BREAK THE SILENCE by Brenda Mohammed based in Trinidad and Tobago and other anthologies namely: ROBAROO -Vol. II by Critical Space Journal Poetry Anthology by Evincepub Publishing based in India and CORONA- SOCIAL DISTANCING : A Poet for Humanity and the Heart of the Poet of Inner Child Press International based in USA.


On April 2020, after  two months of being a member of Motivational Strips – The World’s Most Active Writers Forum, she was appointed as a moderator for Philippines Office and days after she was awarded with a golden badge for her poem, “In the End.” She was also elevated to Gold Category Honour as membership.  On the same month, she was awarded by the Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) from Ghana, Africa as WCHHD Literature Ambassador  and on June 5, 2020, she was awarded the ALTYN KALAM – GOLDEN PEN by World Nations Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan.  On July 6, 2020, she was awarded as the first recipient of the Waheed International Humanity and Humanitarian Cabinet of Fame and Awards as the Most influential Poet, Author and Social Advocate. On 15th August 2020 Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Akademi under State Government of Gujarat honored her Literary excellent on par with Global standards.


Currently, she was promoted as Administrator of Motivational Strips and she is one (1) of the four (4) approving editors of Bharath Vision website magazine based in India.


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