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Dark and gloomy skies,
teary-eyed clouds
are ready to fall

The sun ceases to shine
and the moon refuses to ascend

Her soul has stopped revolving

until a diamond comes into view

It shines brightly in the sky
and paints a colorful hue
The sun shines with happy thoughts
and the moon is vigorously seen
the flowers show their radiance
Their scent slowly deluged by her soul
like a butterfly that gently
sips the nectar


The bees sting her heart–
an earnest and kindhearted soul
especially in the face of adversities

Quietly, she begins to be drowned in Liebe
and every time her soul rises above,
her heart skips a beat

She has swept away without knowing it.

Drowned in Liebe

The coolness of the breeze still lingers

and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere

soothes these nerves

enveloping her soul

as the coffee aroma fills the air

It refreshes this soul and

engulfs it

in a thousand years of happiness

this soul has been yearning a lifetime

a moment far away from




The poem background is from Unsplash.com


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