Dollar And Coin – A Flash Fiction By Dr. Pragya Suman

Mr A has a stupendous look , cream coloured skin laced in milky white ,eyes are of brown color , it could be black , perhaps reflection of milky hue has bleached it . When he smiled a glimpse of semicircular teeth caught attention , height is perfect and when he walks sleek steps creates spring . 

I saw him in a get together , where we had lunch . He picked up a fork with his index finger and thumb leaving rest in alienation. An aristocrat on an insular island .
One day he stopped at a supermarket . So many sales were going there .
“Please let me see sarees of silk with embroidery .”
Sales man mounded sarees of every design .
‘Pack it, “ he pointed . His marriage anniversary was near , when he was returning a new type of sale caught his attention . There was a fifty percent discount , though it was average but the price tag of the prize seems to be stopping its plummation . He selected one of , pink colours . Driver’s daughter’s marriage was next month .
” Saree would be used as a wedding gift “. He gave a wide smile to his wife .

After one year news of the transfer of Mr A in another city spread . His subordinates colleagues arranged a big party .Driver was weary ,his boss was departing .
“I would buy a nice memorable emblem .”
Hearing it, the wife chewed her lip but remained quiet .
Gift was bought in a big market and caught his two month of salary , he felt byoyent .
Dollar seemed to be crushing under a few rusted coins .

© Dr pragya suman


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Written by Shiju H Pallithazheth

He is a multi genre best selling author of “Katashi Tales” & “The Ghost Wisdom”. He is the founder of Motivational Strips, world’s most active writers forum. Author Shiju H Pallithazheth additionally handles presidential roles in world’s top two writers unions namely ‘World Nations Writers Union’ and ‘Union Hispanomundial De Escritores’. He is also the Global Advisor of Lasosyasyon Lar Sans Frontyer (Government of Seychelles Literary board ). He is respected worldwide as a literary mentor, writers coach and motivational speaker. He is currently based in Sultanate of Oman


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