Diamond-tiara: – A Poem Written by Melissa Begley

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The hushed indictment of a narcissist is human-like but is bestiality.
She stares into the mirror; the reflection is magnificent with a diamond-tiara garnishing her self-image.
An idiosyncratic vision of perfection stares back at her.
A heightened sense of purpose to destroy anyone that steals her thunder.
A charade of beguiling and charming dialogue is an effortless accomplishment.
A genius of manipulative powers, many have been defeated.
A deep-thirst power for money and material acquisitions is never quenched.
The first rays of the sun were blackened by her mother’s death.
Woe was she when the will was read.
An unrestrained calm, but with untamed preparations to jeopardize her younger sister’s reputation and place her into the shadows without family.
Personal awareness, the reason her reduction of her mother’s estate was because of borrowed money and procured expensive items such as jewelry, antiques, china, and so forth.
Knowing her sister had copies of all past wills that were changed periodically. She had to obtain and destroy.
She managed the feat by pretending to be so sweet. Then told their brother that her younger sister had stolen items and hid the money.
The sister’s imprints of heartlessness were her energy with low vibrations.
Success was her triumph by obliterating her younger sister’s character and reputation. No longer was the younger sister deemed worthy of the family’s attention.
Copies of wills were easily obtainable, but the relationships no longer mattered.
The younger sister detached from the wretched hearts. The souls traveling on the wrong path.
 (Ms. P.) All Rights Reserved by Melissa Begley
Image: Credit to the Owner

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  1. Mary Lynn Luiz says

    Excellent story poem with a deep message of betrayal by those who are supposed to love you more than anyone else! Excellent Melissa Begley!

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