CAESAR LOSES CLEOPATRA – a poem by Shiju H. Pallithazheth

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When she walked, I felt the path filled with lavenders
And wished it was Valentine’s Day, on all calendars.
I followed her, watching her hips sway.
She was so alluring that I lost my way.
She was the girl I had been stalking for weeks.
Had been waiting for the day when she speaks
Today, she stopped in between and turned back.
Gosh, her eyes twinkled like an emerald pack.
Her cheeks reminded me of organic apples pink.
Her lips of strawberry red, made my eyes blink.
I felt a current pass through my every vein,
While my desire for her grew giving me pain.
I murmured,” Are you, Cleopatra?
Oops, I meant, Are you Margarita?”
She replied, ‘Cleopatra is an Egyptian queen,
And Someone In life, that I’ve never seen.
Margarita is whom I have always been,
Since a baby, child and a teen.”
I gathered courage and spoke, “well, I’m from freezer;
And my name is miser”
She was shocked at what she heard,
And spoke to me like a nerd.
‘Did you mean, you’re from a refrigerator honey?
Are you a lad who wouldn’t spend any money?’
I replied, ‘Oops no, I meant I’m from Frazer,
And my name is Caesar.’
She laughed and said, So where is your queen?
How has Cleopatra been ?
I laughed and said, ‘sorry, I was nervous.’
She replied, ‘wow, I thought Caesar was famous.’
We both laughed as she walked.
I loved the way she talked.
She did have a great sense of humour;
Making me fall in love with her sooner.
We kept walking and talking;
Till we finally reached her house parking.
I expected her to call me home or invite,
But what awaited me, was a live dynamite.
A handsome man waved at us from her balcony,
And the scene wasn’t anymore funny.
I said to Margarita, ‘That must be your brother.’
She replied, ‘Don’t worry. he is a man sure to bother.
“I’m married to him, and I’m his queen,
And we are a family since my age of nineteen.”
My face dropped while bidding her bye.
I wished that moment to jump into a river and die.
That’s when I saw another beautiful girl walking near.
She looked at me with emerald eyes and said, ‘hello dear.’
No current passed this time through any vein,
But rather gave me lots of strain.
I was gripped with a mystical fear,
And dreaded, lest another man turned up as her King Lear.
She waved at me again saying a “hi.”
And I ran away yelling out a loud ‘Good bye.”
© Shiju H. Pallithazheth
US Copyright Office Registered

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