by Melissa Begley



The gorgeous Crimson-colored Butterfly is revered and respected in the Garden of Delight. She has been appointed the title Lucy of Affection.

Every morning she performed the Dance of Joy dancing with the garden fairies and pixies. Afterwards, traveled to the garden flowers; ravishing exquisite red roses, yellow daises, jasmine, purple Iris, an array of different colored tulips, and even the lion’s tooth also known as the dandelion.

The elixir nectar Lucy derives from the flowers are a captivating marvel of pleasure and bliss as she was enlightened with the knowledge. she was protected and would not ever be hurt, grieve, encounter discomfort, or pain ever again in her life.

Lucy the Butterfly was shape-shifted from an abused child and mistreated lady into the metamorphosis of an exquisitely gorgeous butterfly, a free spirit. She was overflowing with charm. The female and male faeries, pixies, flowers, trees, and butterflies adored her.

One morning, a magnificent male yellow and black butterfly floated next to Lucy. He stated his name was Knight of Light. He was assigned to enlighten Lucy and restore her trust in a passionate and fervent romantic relationship.

The Knight was a scholar of eloquently articulated words of woven narratives on the subject of their love throughout the centuries; their spiritual, physical, and celestial love granted by a higher power. He had visions all his life of his past lover and at last discovered his Lucy.

He achieved Lucy’s trust with enduring stores of enchanting topics and never attempted to speak of love or their past connectivity residing in a chalet next to a babbling pristine-clear stream. They enjoyed the magnificent deer, wildflowers, cosmic nature and owned horses, nourished a garden, raised animals such as dairy cows, and enjoyed many pets.

When he shared their past connection she was stunned, but knew the past existence was genuine.

As he gained her trust the relationship transformed into a passionate love. She was a participant because she loved him so.

Lucy was untrusting of men since her history was quite dark and painful with males and never permitted any closeness with any to avoid harm to emotional or physical well-being. Delightful friendships were always acceptable with men and women. She never bared her soul or pain with anyone until she encountered the Knight of Light.

He treated her as his Queen and even told her she was his life and he could not live without her. She patiently waited everyday to be contacted by her Knight, she loves him so much.

Eventually, the romance entered their relationship. Their light sparkled throughout the Universe and even illuminated the Moon.

One day, Lucy shared a spiritual connection that she encountered with another male butterfly. It was a maternal, parental, grandparent, or sibling type of connectivity. They knew they loved each other from a previous family connection.

The Knight became incensed and accused Lucy of being a winged immoral Strumpet, a salacious female, and prosecuted her stating she had many lovers.

He immediately passed judgment on her. His assessment was inaccurate and wrong. She pleaded and sobbed for him not to leave her. She lost all modesty, humility, poise and grace, trying to keep her Knight.

He dismissed Lucy from his life on false allegations even after always promising never to harm her.

Perchance, his familiarity of his own multiple dalliances is why he lost his trust for Lucy.

July 21, 2020 (Ms. P)
©All Rights Reserved by Melissa Begley

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Written by Anne Thrope

Ellen S. Breiling, aka Anne Thrope, is a multiple award-winning, published poet appearing in various poetry anthology books and magazines, with a forthcoming book, "Full Circle: 360° Poetry" - due for release Fall, 2020. She is the Chief Administrator of the US/Canada region for Motivational Strips, the world's largest writer's forum, the founder of Full Circle Poetry, and she manages 360° Poetry, a personal poetry blog, all can be found on Facebook. Ellen is an approving editor for the Bharath Vision website, affiliated with Motivational Strips. She is also a co-author of the poetry book, "Chasing Zephyrs." She was recognized by The Government of Peru as one of the world's foremost contemporary writers and awarded accordingly. And on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day in 2020, Ellen was among the world's most highly respected poets to receive an award directly from the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi in celebration.


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