Broken Promises – William Thomas Fearby

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Do you think that I am stupid,

Why did you lie to me for so long

I always treated you with respect,

What did I  do that was wrong


You told me that you loved me

And that you would never hurt me

Boy was I mistaken

All you’re broken promises were plain to see


You told me you could love no other

And then you go and do this

You jumped into bed with your ex-girlfriend

Now that really takes the piss


Did you ever care about me

Or think just how much you hurt me

Well this time Just like a dirty dog

You pissed up the wrong tree


I can’t  take your broken promises

Not even for another day

The love I had for you,

You have thrown it all away


I won’t let you treat me like a fool,

This time it’s the very last

I won’t forgive you anymore

Like I have done in the past


Your broken promises and your lies

Have really worn me down

I’m sick to death of you treating me

Like I’m some sort of a clown


I won’t ever be able to look at you

In your pathetic face ever again

Your lies and broken promises

Only bring me heartache and pain


By now I’m sure you realize

This clown is moving on

All the love and respect

I had for you is dead and gone


William T Fearby.

(C)@William T Fearby

Image:Credit to the Owner

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