Brightening Morning – A Poem Written by Shakil Kalam

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Brightening Morning

Written by Shakil Kalam


Occasionally pains in the left ribs of the chest, and it pulling.
I miss you so much when I’m in pain.
The birds are chirping
in the banyan trees of Ramnapark;
When you and I face each other, the dreamy sky is blue.

In the blue sky of autumn the dreamy-clouds are floating,
The white-bitters are flying in groups and getting lost on the infinite horizon.
The catkin flowers are dancing in the banks of small river and laughing,
The colorful-boats are going away very speedily.

I became the sands of eyes, none to endure me.
The body device is crippled,
I want the touch of warm hand, and want the Hyacinththe blooming dawn.
When you will come, the sunny morning also will come.


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