Both Sides Are The Same – A Poem Written by Jeannie Ashton

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Both Sides Are The Same

Written by Jeannie Ashton


Day and night halved in the same place
both showing on each side of my face
cracks appear underneath my tears
where they’ve burned over the years
the light in my darkness is loneliness
which fills my heart with emptiness
I look like a black and white clown
wearing my sadness like tiara crown
the moon shines on half of my face
showing all my pain in every place
my day shows it’s dark depression
with a lonely faceless expression
half of me is day half of me is night
I’m dark in the day darker in the night
the darkness hides everything in sight
I close my eyes I see nothing no light
I open my eyes there’s nothing to see
in the darkness all the nothing is me


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