Book “Essence Of Love” – Shakil Kalam

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Essence of Love

Poetry book by Shakil Kalam


The poems in this poetry book were originally written during the global Corona pandemic, Covid-19. In the poems the social reality of the contemporary period, the humiliation of humanity, the degradation of human moral values, the behavior of social and religious leaders, the economic collapse, the plight of unemployed people, the suffering of hunger, the cruelty of husband, wife, children and relatives towards the person affected by the Covid-19, growing of black and white inequality, improvement of environment, reducing the level of pollution, cosmos and biodiversity, love of nature, diversity of seasons, celebration of Bengali new year have been highlighted. The Corona pandemic has shown us the ephemeral development picture with the finger in the eyes. Again, it has created opportunities for humanitarian learning to work for sustainable development, human welfare and the flowering of true love.

Shakil Kamal

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