Barricade Colourism

The long awaiting auspicious Kartik Amavasya prevail ,

And all geared up for Kali puja. 

With immense pomp and pride, 

You are embraced in our nest, Maa.

Shopping for colourful fairy lights, firecrackers ,

Ah! It’s so much fun.

Maa, you are the quintessential embodiment of Adi Shakti.

Streams of devotees mediate you 

whole night,

To seek your supreme blessings of strength, power and courage. 

Your disciple adore your dark skin,

Your voluptuous large eyes, blood red tongue and glossy dark skin, 

Makes the aura pure divine.

I am also a dark native woman ,Maa.

Born with colour of demeaning,

Always receives heaps of futile suggestions,

To lighten my coffee tinted tone.

Since from ages colourism is deeply rooted,

Your devotees ridicule my sun kissed skin. 

Uncivilised words from civilized folks do sting me .

Sometimes it’s difficult to combat derogatory remarks.

How strange! the lips which praises your complexion,

Same lips spit pointed remarks about my look 

The hands which prays you, 

Same fingers point on my dusky hue.

Our society celebrates fair skin hugely.

It is associated with the divine.

I have warmly hugged my glowy caramel colour .

My dark skin is not a trademark of shame.

My skin colour doesn’t define me.

Judge me by my brain not by my melanin.

Scan at my content .

See how fruitful I am.

We all are beautiful in our own way. 

Maa, your devotees radiate their houses with dazzling lights,

Alas! They  fail to illuminate their prehistoric mind.

Remember brown is the colour of earth,

Seeds sprout and flowers bloom.

copyright-Deepika Singh, Margherita Assam India 

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