Autumn Beauty Fair

by Zahirul Haque

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Autumn Beauty Fair
The autumn beauties of Diyabari in Bangladesh shine like stars
Call by the hand gestures of the poets – come! Come on!
The beauties fly around in the tall grass flowery forest…
It seems to be in the eyes of a magical beauty!
In the evening, between the light and the darkness,
the lover whispers
Some people come from far and wide to gather poetry.
Beauty is surrounded by rows of lights and stars
playing hide and seek all night long
Pure Shiuli flower bloom and fall in the silent night around!
In the dewy morning, one sees the form of a beautiful white flower
Thinking of the lost Shiuli, someone makes
a handful of beauty in compassion!
The moon breaks the waves and surrounds the beautiful fair season
With all the love of the heart, counting the day, moment and date, the artist creates clay sculptures with the touch of color and finger affection.
Goddess Durga is coming secretly, getting flowers on the way…
It is the dream of the worshipers to get the blessings of her.

©Zahirul Haque October 14, 2020

Image: Rightful owner

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