At least for a reason – a poem vritten by Yaiphabi Leima

At least for a reason.
At least there is a reason l knew
The way you love me.
That is to possess my heart and soul
And to satisfy your wants.
In this matter, I’m letting you to realize
That don’t try to trap me
To quench your burning desires
Being insanity for self-satisfied.
At there is a reason l found
In that way you like me
That way is to be an owner
And to please your thirsty feeling.
In such a way, men are playing
Games of Love for at least a reason.
Behind love everyone is yearning
To gain something rather than needs
To fulfill the thought of selfishness.
So,I didn’t guess the way you love me
Though l hard to find true love.
I hate the way you like me
Though I’m not a special pearl to you.


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