ARMAGEDDON – A Poem Written by Prince Steve Oyebode

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A R M A G E D D O N ❗

When shall the two forces ultimately meet,
I mean the existing forces of the good
And those we fathom as the current evils?
When shall all the people of our land be free?
We are so rich and blessed but poor hopelessly
Immortal bequeathed to us good Doctors
But disappointedly they are less doctoring❗

We have vast array of skilled men to protect
They instead terrorize and maim us
Western education keeps producing Professors
But in reality, what are they professing?
What exactly are our hopes as a people with common seal?
Those we focus as our Messiahs
Are recalcitrant tyrants looting our treasures
Unrepentantly milking us and preying on us
Till every flesh in us become extinct
And skeleton becomes our new anatomy❗

Those at the very helms of our affairs
Keep biting us with no visible teeth
We were tutored to keep mute while we languish
There are cacophonies and brouhaha everywhere
Everyone is raising placard driving home points
Against the perceived brutalization
Citizens are tired but set for a protracted protest
Not against our fellow in uniforms and boots alone
But against the entire so called office holders❗

Who daily send us to sugarcane plantation
Where we work tediously with our mouths being padlocked
Paradoxically, they gave us legs but with varying shackles
We have mouths but rendered voiceless
Where are those with beautiful and clean minds?
And when shall they face the category of the evil
At the hallowed chamber of Armageddon?
The time is now for every Tom, Dick and Harry
To have taste of the sweet savour of independence❗

© princestelek
15th October, 2020

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