An Ode From a Grandpa – a poem by Swapna Behera

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An Ode From a Grandpa –  Swapna Behera

When you speak
Flowers blossom,dawn peeps
Nightingales sing,
Love scribbles :heart beeps
You are here you are there
You are my hero ,my walking stick
“Taste my toffees , take my teddy
Don’t ever get up , pain in your knees ?
Shall I keep the chair in the balcony?
Here I stand on the stool to switch on the fan
Grandpa dear ! your newspaper , specs
You need water or lemon juice ??!
Are u sad or tired a bit ?
May I sing or dance for you ?
Shall I kiss on your eyes ?!
Please be happy and smile for me “
Millions of questions tune you ever
Feel the emotions that Google can never
You -the remedy of my ageing memories
Voice that echoes in my dreams
“Here it is grandpa -hurray !”
My every comfort zone : your kingdom
The moody King with popping eyes
Hugs me to transmit all his vibes
Long live dearie ! Coz you smile so we live
Your every gesture , a huge treasure
Preserved in my heart , lessons for the brain
you can smile even in sleep or in fever
You are the Angel , joy forever
Teach me to smile when am awake
Teach me the love as you love
Teach me to love as you love – – –
Copy right @Swapna Behera
Dedicated to Nehemiah( a representative of all grand children of this world ) for this beautiful theme


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