An angel of my heart-written by Khesise Lungma

“❤(An Angel of My Heart )❤

Who is she? Melting with beauty of rain
Why she wins ? Flying her an umbrella in vain,
I am amused by, her slithering posture of heavenly clan
My heart melts , how can I, zip my heart failed chain?

Her smiles ,hidden behind the camera click
I can’t view her lovely lips, except her smoothy cheek,
It wasn’t, just a awesome sweater of lovely angel
But merely a connection of my lost heart angle.

Her majestic hairs, flowing down her shoulders
And her dressing attire, mixed with Natural colours ,
Her actions, alloyed with movement of an umbrella
My heart melted, for the night and day to be one union.

It was story of my imagination, inked with ball pen
She was beautiful ,a college going student
Who knows, almighty must have felt my heart
I won’t leave a single word, to fabricate her with my red pen.

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe myself for thee
Whose, Opening up of an umbrella – could stop my heart beat
Let it rain, again and again -I must say for gain
I would blessed to see her dance, on everyday rain.

I hold my breath, to kiss her beautiful clips
Neither was thee, my lips triggered dreams trip
I caught my mobile phone, dragging down from hand grips
It was awesome moments, I enjoyed her snaps holding cloths at her fingers tips.

Copyright @ khesise lungma


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Written by Lungma123

Khesise lungma is from Gelephu Bhutan. He has graduated from anna university from india ..He started his journey of writing since 2012, as he realised later in life , writing would give him enough satisfaction to penned down his feelings of life. He writes most of poetry regarding nature, religious beliefs, philosophies, scientific and day to day practical related things. He is interested in writing both writing romantic and sadistic poems where his emotions plays a greater understanding. Most of his poems are published in Bhutan first ever Anthology Poem, Fears of tears in international best seller Anthology Poem published by Brenda Mohammed, A winter - A call for home in Ideology magazine published by Editor Mr.BINAY Lahal from India , Still Two more poems in the process of Publication in International Anthology.
His is Working to publish his Novel titled "Mystery " This year.

He is Silver categorised member of Motivational strip, and Moderators of MS, World active writer forum. He also got rewards of appreciation from Indo Universe - Child care. Etc

He is constant and active writer despite his professional and personal life. He enjoys writing and shows other to lead.


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