A STAR DAY – a poem by Shiju H. Pallithazheth

A Poem to wish Happy Birthday To Brenda Mohammed.

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A Poem to wish Happy Birthday To

Brenda Mohammed
What is this day?
Is it a Mayday,
Oops that’s a dangerous day,
Is it a D Day?
Oops that’s Doomsday.
Aaargh..you’ve got to be positive bard!
Is it so hard?
Well let me think as a bard positive,
With thoughts flowing in good motive,
Yes it’s a Tuesday!
Lemme check; wow, that’s a special day!
Today let’s all create a new say,
“Wise writers are born on a Tuesday”
So, Who’s cutting a cake today?
Well it’s Brenda celebrating her birthday
No wonder, its all now – positive around
Wise thoughts surround
I’m a bard – crazy and sage
I do not write for a wage
Today I write for Brenda in a full page.
I will write – she is a friend everyday
A poet who never wasted a single day
She literally devotes a poem everyday
Whether it be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
Wishing her happiness and good health everyday
Let’s all cheer this auspicious day ,
Sing a song to her and make it a fun day
Many many happy returns of the day!
Brenda you rock almost each day,
Wishing you a great birthday
Accumulating all our love given everyday!

Shiju H. Pallithazheth


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