A Beautiful Disaster – a poem by Luzviminda Gabato Rivera

A Beautiful Disaster

It was two days ago

When I see you at your silence

So tranquil and calm.

You were so beauteous

A pleasant to the eyes and

Refreshing to the soul.

You were the haven

To the wandering birds

And their restless souls.

You were the life

To the gloomy skies and

Reflector of Sun’s brilliant rays.

Now, the silence became

A frightening roar like a lion.

So hostile and belligerent

Your beauteous became

A horrifying scene to the eyes and

Crushing to the soul.

A supposed haven

Became a life -threatening

And hostile to the restless soul.

The promise of life has perished

As the skies and sun disappeared

While the frightening doom is awaiting.

The nature has taken its course

Taal has proven to be a beautiful disaster

A deafening silence that can be a frightening doom.

What do you think?


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